Experience the most advanced ball-tracking technology to trackball speed, accuracy and distance of each of their shots! Using the same technology that the pro’s use, Toptracer is revolutioniszing the range! Toptracer has modes and game to suit all ages and skills levels providing an exhilarating experience for friends, family members, range rivals, seasoned players and even first time golfers.

So, regardless of skill or golf experience the challenge is now on for everyone with the Toptracer range!

Players can challenge friends to take on the long-drive competition or play closest to the pin, whilst golfers can challenge themselves in the state-of-the- art hitting bays to improve their swing, polish those skills and play like a pro.


With 6 games for all players, for fun or for practice, Golf Central has uniquely designed a range to provide an atmosphere that optimises every players game. The new range has two districts, The Play District and The Practice District. Check all you need to know about the new district design!

With up to 4 players per bay, challenge your friends t long drive competitions, closest to the pin or virtually tee up to play some of the world’s best golf courses! You can indulge at your bay with our delicious food and bar menu and get rewarded points for every successful swing!

If you are looking to have competitive fun, where everyone is a player, than Toptracer has the ultimate games for you! Regardless of whether you have never picked up a golf club or are an avid golfer, in this game anyone could be the winner!

For the more serious golfers, the Practice district is the perfect place to learn, practice and play like a pro!  The pro’s use it, now so can you!  Simply grab a bucket of balls and dive into advanced analytics to fine-tune your swing or virtually tee up at the world’s greatest courses, including Pebble Beach. 

You can even access your entire history of shot data including specific club performance details, and monitor your progress each time you visit the range.